We understand tFamilieshe difficulties a family faces when a loved one passes.  Sometimes there are questions and/or concerns as to why their loved one has passed.  A private autopsy is an important first step in answering some of those questions.   An autopsy can provide a cause of death and answer additional questions about circumstances of death.

Although anyone may request an autopsy, one can only be performed after proper authorization is filled out by the legal next of kin.  A family may request a full autopsy examination, or a partial, focused examination.  All autopsies include microscopic examination of tissue samples taken at the time of autopsy, and other tests such as toxicology and fluid cultures can be performed for an additional fee.

The autopsy can be performed at the funeral home where the services are being held (in Dallas/Fort Worth area) or at another funeral home arranged by Lone Star Autopsy if the body is located outside the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  An autopsy will not prevent the family from having an open casket viewing for their loved one, and great effort is taken to perform the autopsy in a timely manner so as not to disrupt planned services.

Our company employs board certified Forensic Pathologists; they are fully licensed medical professionals in Texas as well as selected other states.  Each doctor has many years of experience in conducting autopsies as well as assisting families in understanding how/why their loved one died.  A one-page “Preliminary” report is generated and given to the family within 24-48 hours after the autopsy, and is followed by a complete report approximately 4-8 weeks later after  microscopic examination and review of other tests that may have been ordered.